A Resolution For Men (RFM) group is a 16 week study based on the book The Resolution for Men written by Stephen and Alex Kendrick (creators of the movie “Courageous”) with Randy Alcorn. This biblically based study is direct, and intended to create transparency and accountability as it calls men out to be the spiritual leader God has ordained them to be from the very beginning. Each week, as you dig deeper and deeper into this study (and your life), you will be challenged. You will be challenged to review your past failures and triumphs, you will be challenged to take a hard look at the life you’re living today and you will be challenged to take action to align your life with the life God has called you to live.

This group is not intended as a social gathering, although there is great encouragement when men uplift one another. Each week we will be able to share with each other the blessings God has given us and praise the One they come from. Men encouraging men as they walk with the Lord is powerful encouragement!