The Beginning of the Year

The Beginning of the Year by Denny The phrase, “the beginning of the year”, appears only twice in the Bible. The first, found in Deuteronomy 11:12, caught my attention. The Lord through Moses, is speaking of the promised land. In verse 11, God is promising great blessing on the land and its people if they obeyed Him, but judgment...

January 5, 2014January 5, 2014by

Flip Flops on “The Red Highway”

Flip Flops on “The Red Highway” by Denny With summer comes a change of attire and with that a change of footwear, at least for some of us who look for any excuse to go casual. I love to wear flip flops and can easily recall the day you could refer to them as “thongs”...

August 31, 2013August 31, 2013by

Help Wanted: Father – The procreator or generator of offspring, male parent. No experience or training necessary.

“Help Wanted: Father – The procreator or generator of offspring, male parent. No experience or training necessary.” by Denny If this were an actual online ad or listed in the local paper it might attract some attention. What kind of responses would it get ? We live in a day and age that blurs the lines of what a father is. Some...

June 16, 2013June 16, 2013by

Real Live Relationship

“Real Live Relationship” by Denny Earlier this week I had the opportunity to meet my 24 year old daughter to share some time together. We met at a popular bakery splitting a pastry and enjoying a cup of coffee, mine black, hers with cream. The early morning weather was perfect allowing us to enjoy the...

June 7, 2013June 7, 2013by